wednesday needs to catch up

Marc Myers takes a look at Maynard Ferguson’s Big Band work, prolific arranger Gary McFarland, and a great standard “This Could Be the Start of Something Big.”

Free Jazz reviews Anna Webber’s Simple on Skirl Records (good stuff!), and Jason Adaisiewicz’s Sun Rooms.

For those into what’s straight ahead, Jazz Lives takes a look at The Unaccounted Four.

Elements of Jazz notes that this week’s most played jazz tunes include Gerry Gibbs Trasher Dream Trio, Mark Elf and Eric Reed.

NextBop takes a look at (U)nity’s performance of Retrograde by James Blake and the Sound Prints group featuring Joe Lovano and Dave Douglass.

Jazz a la Mode takes a look at the great Cliff Brown, including an interview Brown did with Soupy Sales.

Brilliant Corners takes a critical look at a recent New Yorker piece called “Protégé” and how mainstream media portrays Jazz.

Doug Ramsey of Rifftides digs up an old NBC special on Ragtime, narrated by Hoagy Carmichael and recommends lending an ear to Dayna Stephens’ Peace album.

The New York Jazz Workshop goes through Herbie Hancock’s career as he transitioned from sideman to legend.

All About Jazz reviews Renault Garcia-Fons work on double bass and Miguel Zinon’s Identities are Changeable.


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